Northamptonshire Carers

Who Are Carers?

The term ‘Carer’ can often be confusing. We use it in terms of someone who provides support for a relative or friend who has a disability, long-term illness or other additional needs. Sometimes the term ‘Carer’ can get mixed up for those who work for care agencies and care homes.

A Carer is “…someone who looks after, or helps to look after, a relative, neighbour or friend who has additional needs as a result of disability, illness, or ageing. The care given is informal in that it does not form part of a paid contract: instead, it relies on a sense of responsibility for and commitment to the other, driven by feelings of love, duty and concern”

Carers can include a parent supporting a child with a learning disability, an adult supporting a parent with dementia, a husband caring for his wife who has a physical disability or a school-child who is relied on by their parent who has a mental health condition. We provide support for Carers in similar roles and many more. Carers do not receive a wage although a small number of Carers are eligible to receive Carers Allowance. For some, being a Carer will be a relatively short part of their lives but for others their Caring role may last for many years.

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Carers Support from Saxon Spires Practice

Carer. We have a Carers Register, and would invite all Carers to complete our Carers Form, this can be done over the telephone with one of our reception team. You will then be offered a ‘Carers Assessment’ by Northamptonshire Carers, should you wish.

A Carers Assessment is an opportunity for you to express your feelings and needs as a Carer. The purpose is to find out what impact your caring responsibilities have on you and what support you might need to continue your caring role.

Claire Lockwood is our ‘Carers Champion’ and is available to help coordinate support for our Carers.

Northamptonshire Carers run regular drop-in sessions for Carers. Please see latest poster for details. This can be found under Surgery News. These sessions provide an opportunity for Carers to seek further information or advice on the services and organisations that are out there to help and support them.