Patient Participation Group

Saxon Spires Practice has a thriving Patient Participation Group who work collaboratively with the practice to improve communication with patients and maintain high standards of care. They also run successful fundraising campaigns to purchase additional equipment for the practice.

 The PPG's mission is to:-

  1. Improve communication and understanding between all staff, patients & carers, and help shape the future policies and direction of Guilsborough and Brixworth Surgeries.
  2. Provide an effective communication channel between staff, patients and carers, of Saxon Spires Practice and to support the Practice in continuing to improve the services to Patients.
  3. To support the engagement of patients and carers in improving healthcare in Guilsborough, Brixworth and villages in the surrounding Saxon Spires Practice catchment area.

Should you wish to contribute to the activities of the group or have any questions or have any questions to ask, or ideas or suggestions to make, please contact us by email or telephone.